Sunday School

Pleasant Valley offers a wide variety of Sunday school classes for adults, children and youth. Attending one of our Sunday School classes is a great way to get plugged in, meet new people, make new friendships and develop deeper knowledge and skills for connecting faith and daily life. Feel free to walk right in!

Adult Classes

BUILDERS (Room 102)
The Builders Sunday School class lessons are currently centered around trying to understand Jesus’s Second Commandment of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” concentrating on his actions, parables, and acts of forgiveness. This will be six lessons from the Forgiveness from the Deeper Connections series, five lessons from Adam Hamilton’s Seeing Gray in a World of Black and Gray, and The Walk, Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life by Adam Hamilton. We welcome visitors and have no requirements for pre-reading. Additionally, each lesson stands on its own, even if it is a book series.

DISCOVERERS (Room 207/208)
The Discoverers class is a discussion class based on the weekly reading of the Upper Room’s “Disciplines”, one of the daily devotions available from Pleasant Valley. Scripture is read and discussion based on the relationship to the author’s teaching, meditation, experience of the individual class members, and how these relate to the members’ lives and to current events in PVUMC, the community and the world. The class starts with prayer & announcements and ends with prayer for the various concerns of the church, individuals and community. 

CANTICLE (Room 213)
The Canticle Class includes attendees from a wide age range, singles, couples, and married with young children. The class is informal and interactive, using six- to eight-week study guides which address practical application of the scriptures to everyday living. 

NEW LIFE (Room 201)
New Life is currently studying the Adam Hamilton newest book:  “Making Sense of the Bible”.

FAITH LINKS (Library) 
The Faith Links Sunday School Class regularly chooses a theology-related book for study and open discussion.  Selections focus on and often challenge the United Methodist Church’s claim, “Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds.”  Members of the class represent a wide range of ages, careers, church experiences, and interests in how the church can serve, plus invite one’s growth in faith. The format is a comfortable, non-threatening and entirely voluntary discussion setting, prompted/invited by handouts and limited with ‘homework.’  Visitors are urged to attend a session to check out these claims! 

Children and Youth

Kindergarten-5th Grade – Join us Sunday morning before worship service, as we learn stories about God’s love. Crafts, videos, puppets and plays are all fun ways kids are introduced to stories and characters from the Bible. All children aged Kindergarten through 5th grade are welcome. Sunday School meets upstairs in rooms 205-206.